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Laundry Liquid

Only 1 ounce per full load gets fabrics cleaner, brighter, and fresher than ever, even in cold or hard water. Very concentrated, a little goes a long way. Great for hand-washables and delicates, and can be used to pre-treat stains before washing. Naturally safe and controls musty mildew odors on towels, and clothes left longer in the washer. Rinses clean leaving no skin-irritating residue. Great for people with sensitive skin or allergies. Biodegrades rapidly without harm to the environment. Contains no metasilicates, borax, or caustics. (32 oz., 64 oz., 5-gal.)
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Bac-Out Stain & Odor Eliminator

Bac-Out is an excellent product for the toughest stains and odors in your laundry. Attacking proteins left behind from food stains and odors, including mildew, eliminating the most difficult, organic stains, odors and waste the way nature intended. Bac-Out is a very unique blend of natural living enzyme cultures and botanical extracts, with more strains of cultures for more effective performance than commercial brands. Coffee, berry, blood, mustard, tomato and many other difficult stains and odors are no match for Bac-Out. Preferred by more natural baby catalogs selling cloth diapers. Gentle on babies skin, tough on stains and odors. Great for diaper pails too!. (16 oz., 32 oz., 128 oz., 5-gal.)
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Laundry Powder

For cleaner, brighter, fresher and naturally soft results without additives. Works exceptionally well in cold and hard water. Very concentrated, ¼ cup per full load, leaving no soap residue or water deposits that can cause skin irritation and diaper rash.. No fillers, all natural 100% active ingredients, free of borine, chlorine, metasilicates, borax, or caustics. Contains color-safe oxygen bleach and grapefruit seed extract. Safe for front loading washers. Up to 50 loads per 5-lb. box, packaged in unbleached corrugated boxes. (5-lb., 10-lb., 50-lb.)

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Premium Laundry Powder

Double the cleaning power with color-safe oxygen bleach, natural enzymes and grapefruit seed extract. Powerfully cleans and deodorizes the toughest stains and odors. Works exceptionally well in cold and hard water conditions. Preferred by natural baby catalogs and companies for cloth diapers. Leaves no irritating residue behind on clothes or washer. Safe for front loading washers. Contains no metasilicates, borax, or caustics. (5-lb., 50-lb.)
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Spray & Wipe Cleaner

Bi-O-Kleen’s Spray & Wipe Cleaner is an excellent stain remover for your laundry. Use as a pre-stain treater, this will help protect against stains setting into your clothes. Safe enough to use on your most delicate washables. Great for all these stains and more: grass, dirt and soil, grease, make-up, food, kool-aid, and much more. (32 oz. sprayer, 5 gal.)

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Oxygen Bleach Plus

Our unique, all natural, color-safe bleach does more than just brighten colors and whites. Contains natural fabric and water conditioners, detergent boosters with stain, mildew and corrosion fighters. Requires no pre-mixing for use in cold water, and contains no chemical cold-water activators or optical brighteners. Contains no metasilicates, borax, or caustics, chlorine and borine free. (32-oz., 50-lb.)
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